Faces of Fashion


Fashion is all about looking better and attractive for every one that sees you. What is life without fashion? Can we live today without applying our fashion sense and style to our daily lives? Faces of Fashion is applied to everyone in terms of clothes, accessories, hair style, life styles and even furniture. We live and deal with it everyday whether we care for it or not.

The fashion world is like a living trend that always changes and evolves all the time. There are fashion that never gets old and there are some that we just forget. Fashion concepts and ideas usually derive today with the latest pop culture. Starting with Celebrity, Music, movies, magazines, books, TV’s and social media.

Fashion today are dictated by social media

Social media and other digital publishing tools rapidly influence fashion and quickly become a global phenomenon with its easy to access feature. The internet and mobile connectivity has become the main source of free information for what is fashion all about. Everyone can just follow, watch, and share social media contents related to fashion.

Fashion clothes and accessibility

Today, Fashion and styles in clothing have become more dominant and non restrictive. Before, clothing used to reveal what kind of groups people used to belong to. We used fashion as a statement and to determine who we are and where we belong to. Our modern fashion has become more adaptive in terms of style and functionality. Good examples of that are; we only used Jogging pants for running, and we wear pajamas before we sleep. And yet today we can see the trends of how people wear these kinds of clothes everywhere and mixed it with proper fashion accessories that clearly defines a new style of fashion applications.

The purpose of Fashion

We need clothes for our daily lives activities, we wear them as we sleep, work and pretty much everywhere. It is clear to us that clothes in order for us to live and function well with our environment. And fashion has become one of the main factors to make our clothes proper to give us comfort and protection that we need. Faces of fashion also becomes standard in such many kinds of events, occasions and activities to make us properly dressed-up. You don’t want to go to a beach party wearing business attire right?

Fashion clothes as a form of expression

What fashion can give us? Happiness, because we dress-up and make ourselves look good. We apply fashion for everywhere we do because it is to make us feel organized and beautiful and in control. It also helps us to reveal our identity and can create a good impression that we always like from other people that see us.

Women celebrates fashion

Without a doubt, women love to make themselves look beautiful all the time. Starting from their clothes they wear, accessories they mixed, make-up they applied and their hair style they do. Being fashionable boosted women’s confidence and covered their weaknesses. Women cannot live without fashion as it becomes one of their basic state of mind. They live and grow with it and provide them with happiness and confidence.

Wearing Fashion is like a story telling

For what we know, Fashion is an art that also means self expression for who you want to be and how you live your life. Our fashion taste always changes in accordance with how to keep our life pretty much interesting. As much as what is Faces of Fashion, it shows our physicality, mood, culture and social statement. It is like a mirror on how we perceive ourselves in our society. Fashion simply tells who we are and how we like to live our life. It is like wearing clean clothes and showing respect to anyone who sees you.