10 Best Smart Ways to Elevate Your Style in Fashion Regardless of Shape

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Every one of us wants to look classy and stylish with the outfit that we want to wear for our daily activities. We always make sure that our style in fashion and how we groom ourselves to be more pleasant and gain attention on how we take care of ourselves.

We start it by the very basics of maintaining our haircut, neat nails and skin care for our face and whole body. We also do proper health diets and exercise to keep our body physically fit. Maintaining our body shape and appearance is the best way to save more as we plan our fashion style. Even though there are so many things to consider, still by just keeping our body healthy as top priority will boost our self confidence in every place we go.

In choosing fashion outfit

Our outfit is the one people look at and reflects our fashion style. It is very important to consider buying the best item that you can afford. Remember that “quality” is your top priority when buying for new clothes. As much as possible buy clothes that you can easily mix up with other fashion accessories. High quality clothes last longer with proper care and have the chance to last longer compared to fast-pace fashion items.

The idea of shopping for new clothes is to make your wardrobe collection more flexible with your fashion style and makes you happy. As much as possible avoid cheap clothing that may easily worn out and get out of shape. Always fit what you are buying. If it doesn’t fit, forget it. Wear only what works for you. If it fits and is comfortable, go for it. This is also the same with your undies, the more quality they are, the feel good it provides for you to last all day and keeps you composed and classy.

In choosing Fashion accessories

Bags, shoes, jewelries, watches and outerwear’s should be considered as your cherry on top. These fashion accessories are mainly used to compliment our outfit, as it provides exquisite looks that will surely draw attention. People always notice it first and investing for it is always a must. accessories are considered as a valuable asset. Wearing just enough and avoiding over accessorizing is always the key for making your Fashion style classy.

Jewelries like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even watches are popular and considered as one of the most loved fashion items because they can be worn regardless of age.

Handbags and purses are very popular for women. We all know that women cannot leave their house without carrying one. Its purpose and usefulness also serves as very important in terms of matching their outfit. The size and design always depends on where they plan to use it.

Shoes and sandals are always part of our fashion outfit. Carefully shop and pick the ones that can compliment your clothes. Make sure it fits and is comfortable for your feet. For men, most people always notice their shoes first. Keeping it clean and shiny is always a priority before wearing.

Be smart for your fashion spending

We have published fashion tips and guides that may help you to be cost-effective for your fashion needs when shopping. It is important to remember that quality is always your top choice rather than quantity, no exception. You don’t have to spend too much in order to attain the looks that you wanted. Just properly manage your budget for fashion and on how and where you will spend it. Here are 10 tips articles that can help you budget for your fashion goals.

Buy Polos That Are on Sale

-Buying polo that is on sale does not necessarily mean it compromised the quality of the fabric of the clothes. There are a lot of popular brands doing seasonal sales. Malls usually have a sale in all of its stores during weekends at least once a month. They do this to attract more people to come to the mall. It is definitely a good strategy to make people come to the mall. However, you will definitely experience a lot of people at the store because everybody loves to buy clothes at bargain prices.

What Type of Handbags Will Suit You Best

-Handbags suit you best if you properly know how and when to carry one in your outing. As we know, handbags have become an essential commodity for women, and they can’t leave home without carrying one. Today, selecting a handbag has become difficult since the market has been flooded with different types. While selecting a handbag, it is essential to match it with your body type.

Nothing to Be Embarrassed About When Buying Polos Online

-When buying polos online, you are giving yourself power to control your time and effort. In making choices for polos from an online clothes store. You may actually save some men who are uncomfortable polo shopping from a number of circumstances. There are also some situations wherein men are shy of asking for a polo to fit. Mostly because some shop salespersons may stare at them from top to bottom and give them a funny look.

5 Accessories You Need To Upgrade Any Outfit In Just Seconds

-Adding accessories will help you spice up your wardrobe. They are small yet impactful, and instantly add interest and character to any outfit. Plus, accessories are cheaper than pieces of clothing. Here are 5 accessories you need to upgrade any outfit in just seconds.

How to Protect Yourself When Shopping Online?

-Nowadays, online shopping is a trend, because unlike the traditional way of shopping, this is more convenient than ever. Online shopping gives you so many benefits, such as comparing prices from other shops, it’s hassle-free, and lets you avoid the crowds. However, every good deal has a dark side, and so is online shopping. But you can still enjoy shopping online as long as you know the things you should avoid.

How to Achieve that Korean Style Look

-Ever thought about going on a day out with friends wearing your jogging pants? Or going on a date with your favorite sneakers instead of the typical heels? These pieces may completely look basic to some, but Koreans have their way of styling that makes everything ordinary into a whole new modern look. If you’re looking for some Korean fashion inspiration, here are some popular styles you want to try.

How to Choose What Sneaker Suits You Best

-Some think sneakers are all the same. Well, that isn’t the case here because some sneakers are only designed for this and not for that. For example, some sneakers are intended for hiking, and there are also for running. So, when choosing what sneaker to buy, you must know the key factors first to ensure that what you are about to purchase is the perfect style for your needs. Here’s what you should know.

How to Look Classy Without Even Spending Too Much

-Most of the girls want to always look fabulous at all costs. They invest a lot of money from their OOTD’s, clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, and makeups to achieve the look they want. Well, if you can afford any of this stuff, then why not! However, there are ways that you can do to make you look stunning without spending too much. Being beautiful doesn’t always have to come with a price.

Try These Trendy Jewelry Pieces to Complete Your Looks

-Stylish jewelry completes your looks because it adds liveliness to your personality. It’s hard to get the same smile that flashes on the pretty face when you see a ring, a bracelet or sparkly earrings matching your favorite dress. For instance, your style in fashion with jewelries should always lift up your looks. Simply, studded earrings or a simple pearl necklace could be the only thing to make your ordinary dress look extraordinary. Most importantly, it’s not about loading your neck or ears with heavy jewelry, sometimes a simple stud suits better to the occasion.

When Buying Replica Products

-When buying replica products it is important to consider if it’s worth your money. And it is because you don’t want to spend lots of money on designer products. Replicas can be worn or used for work or play. They often look and feel very similar to authentic designer items. There are replica handbags, replica watches (e.g. replica Rolex), replica jewelry, replica shoes. Unfortunately, all replica products are not created equal. These buying tips will help you determine if a replica is a high-quality item or if it should be avoided.

Choose Meaningful New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024

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In anticipation of the upcoming Year of the Dragon, Chow Sang Sang is delighted to present an exquisite collection of New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024, featuring pieces in pearls, gold, 18K white gold, and diamonds.

Choose Meaningful New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024

Introduction to Accessories: The Season’s Finest: Golden Dragon-Inspired Jewellery

Mirror Gold- 999 Gold Necklace

Drawing inspiration from the dragon, this design incorporates advanced 5G gold craftsmanship, enhancing the hardness of the gold and showcasing a dazzling and fashionable honeycomb-cut surface. The design is meticulously polished to achieve a high-gloss mirror effect, emitting stunning brilliance from various angles.

New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024 -Mirror Gold- 999 Gold Necklace

Chinese Gifting Collection ‘New Year & Chinese Zodiac’ 999.9 Gold Single Earring

Inspired by a three-dimensional cartoon dragon, this design is cleverly crafted. Adorned with a natural red agate bead, it complements the dragon beautifully, creating a lively and exquisite effect. Prior to symbolizing the concept of “a continuous flow of wealth and auspicious dragon fortune,”. This design adds joy to the happiness and prosperity of the upcoming new year.

New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024 -Chinese Gifting Collection 'New Year & Chinese Zodiac' 999.9 Gold Single Earring

Charme’Noir’ 999 Gold Charm

Inspired by the concept of “Dragon Zhou Sheng,”. This design draws upon the ancient Chinese perception of dragons as a symbol of national strength, embodying both sacredness and bravery. Surprisingly, with the dragon’s resilient image as the focal point. Though this design incorporates a fashionable wristband, it infuses everyday wear with a classical charm.

New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024 - Charme'Noir' 999 Gold Charm

Chinese Gifting Collection’New Born’ 999.9 Gold Bangle

Artfully blending the elements of “Golden Dragon” and “Bells and Keys,”. This design showcases a delicate texture through exquisite molding craftsmanship. Furthermore, the full and lustrous shape of the golden dragon bell exudes a charming and refined quality, symbolizing the healthy and safe growth of FeeFee.

New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024 -Chinese Gifting Collection'New Born' 999.9 Gold Bangle

Charme’Blessings & Culture’ 999 Gold Charm

Taking the theme of a baby dragon cradling a milk bottle. This design employs the technique of hard gold electroforming to present a refined texture. Moreover, by capturing the adorable and endearing charm of the little dragon. Thus, it irresistibly evokes a sense of fondness.

New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024 - Charme'Blessings & Culture' 999 Gold Charm

Chinese Gifting Collection’New Year & Chinese Zodiac’ 999.9 Gold Single Earring

Lastly, the blending of cartoon golden dragons with coin elements on the back is engraved with intricate patterns, symbolizing abundant blessings and a flourishing dragon aura. In addition, it signifies a wish for prosperity and good fortune, bringing joy into the New Year Seasonal Jewelry for 2024 with the symbolism of luck.

Charme'Blessings & Culture' 999 Gold Charm - Chinese Gifting Collection'New Year & Chinese Zodiac' 999.9 Gold Single Earring